Many energy workers and light workers may find it tempting to focus only on the positive aspects of themselves and ignore the parts that cause negative emotions. It can be difficult to admit when we feel triggered, angry, sad, worried, or fearful. However, it is important to recognize that being spiritual or a light worker does not mean we have to be perfect. By avoiding the aspects of ourselves that we reject or feel ashamed of, we limit our ability to fully accept ourselves and connect with our Higher Self. It is crucial to look within ourselves and confront the parts of us that we judge in order to progress on our healing journey.

Shadow work, also known as inner child healing, involves being willing to recognize and understand our triggers and automatic responses without judgment. The goal is not to justify the triggers or hold onto our thoughts and emotions, but to simply observe our internal processes. By doing this, we can gain insight into our ingrained reactions and underlying beliefs.

Achieving true alignment and authenticity is impossible if we are fragmented within ourselves. Many of us avoid acknowledging certain parts of ourselves that we find uncomfortable or challenging. Each time we resist or cling to something, we are confronting a fearful aspect of ourselves. By examining and accepting these fears and other emotions, we can begin to explore and understand ourselves on a deeper level. By acknowledging our true feelings without attachment, we can release them and respond authentically, free from old patterns that no longer serve us.

To engage in shadow work, the next time you experience triggers or intense emotions:

1) Focus on deep belly breathing, paying attention to the movement of your breath in your abdomen. Release any tension in your belly, which is common when feeling upset or stressed.

2) Observe your internal reactions – thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and triggers. Take note of any constrictions in your body.

3) Accept your feelings without judgment or reaction. Allow the emotions to flow through you while continuing to breathe. If comfortable, communicate with your feelings.

4) Reflect on your reaction to the emotion without judgment. Acknowledge any bodily constriction associated with these thoughts.

5) Challenge the beliefs you hold about the emotion and situation. Can you accept the possibility of your fears coming true? Can you surrender to the Universe or your Higher Self for guidance?

6) Step back and look for a deeper message within the situation. Pay attention to signals from your body, environment, or other sources. Repeated triggers can indicate areas needing healing and attention.

Engaging in shadow work may be challenging, yet the insights gained are immensely rewarding. Continued practice leads to deeper self-understanding and a greater sense of connection to the Universe. As you develop compassion and understanding for your own complexities, judgment towards others diminishes. Remember, what we criticize in others often reflects aspects of ourselves that we struggle to accept. By embracing all parts of ourselves, we cultivate empathy and acceptance for others.

So much Love

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