Spellwork and Candles

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic, also known as candle magick, is a simple form of spellcasting where the person performing the spell focuses their intent on a goal, visualizes the desired outcome, and works to turn their idea into reality.

What are Spell Candles?

Spell candles are candles specifically used for candle magick, available in various colors and sizes to align with different intentions. Each color in color magick represents a specific meaning or intent, though interpretations may vary between sources.

How to Use Spell Candles?

To use spell candles, one must first choose the appropriate color candle for their desired goal. It is recommended to use a fresh candle for each new spell, as the energy of previously burnt candles may affect the outcome. The candle should be prepared by anointing with oil, rolling in herbs, or carving words and intentions onto it. The person casting the spell then focuses their energy on the candle before lighting it, visualizing their intent as the candle burns.

Warning: Always exercise caution when using candles and never leave a burning candle unattended.

After the candle has served its purpose, it can be safely disposed of. Some practitioners suggest allowing the candle to burn out or using a snuffer to extinguish it to avoid dispersing the intention.

Large or Small Candle?

When choosing a candle for spellcasting, it is essential to select the size that best suits the intended spell. For complex spells requiring long burning times, a large candle may be more appropriate. Conversely, spells requiring complete candle consumption may be better suited to smaller candles.

Amplifying the Energy

Advanced practitioners may enhance spell energy by incorporating blends of herbs, flowers, crystals, and oils into their candle magick practices.

Writing it Down

Another method to manifest goals is to write them on colored paper matching the spell candle’s color, then lighting the paper with the candle and burning it in a safe container.

There are many ways to begin with candle magick, and individuals are encouraged to research and find rituals that resonate with them. Blessed be!


 White Happiness*  Dark Blue Wisdom 
 Black Protection  Purple Prosperity
 Red Love  Pink Friendship
 Orange Confidence  Brown Balance
 Yellow Success  Silver Intuition
 Green Luck  Gold Fortune
 Blue Peace   

 *white candles are the most popular as they can be used to substitute any other candle colour or intent

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