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We all lose our sparkle now and then , or have this inner yearning that there is more to life.
I help by supporting and achieving your goals ( and making new ones ) this can be from managing anxiety and how to be happy to business / career goals.
Even helping with a current emotional or lifestyle challenge.

Often we lose our path, or meet with a challenge, a crisis, have various emotional challenges , that we need help ,or support and guidance with.

Or maybe we are just stuck and looking for our purpose.
Whatever your needs i custom fit my therapy to your current situation, using various modalities to help you feel better , create that equilibrium or just to get you on track.

My sessions are client lead which I then incorporate various modalities from coaching to healing, to rid anything which no longer serves you and move forward, living your best life with a feeling of inner peace.


I still query my purpose and wonder if that is also my mission. Through various life experiences, events, and challenges, I am slowly figuring out that I am here to spread the light, so like a domino affect it can be passed on to others. Kindness is our core essence, we are born as a pure sense of energy, and I believe strongly that we are inherently all just love goodness and kindess, and that can never be lost, its part of our nature. Just events, environments , challenges, emotional pain can jade our real perception of who we are. I help us connect to the Soul, just by listening to the Soul whispers it can regulate us and create equilibrium with mind body and soul. I feel by working with this you are able to even help reduce chronic and physical illness.
In all of us I yearn for authenticity and transparency and I adore that in people.
By working with people I focus on unleashing this and then provide you with the tools to be at peace and live life contently.

As for my belief system which I get asked regularly, there is no denying the feminine side of Christianity (and other religions) got lost due to patriarchy and hierarchy ,I follow certain sacred paths, more so of Mary Magdalene but I am yet to discover something which sits with all of my many beliefs. I also have a huge spiritual practise with nature, mindfulness walks being a favourite, I connect with trees flowers and all outdoors in a way it often takes my breath, as does laid watching the moon, all of this is the true power of Mother Earth. I also believe every single answer to everything is in nature.


Originally from Yorkshire, Laila left the UK aged just 20 embarking on an adventure, heading for the Middle East. Laila lived in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait then finally Dubai, collecting a cat in each country too! And had 3 beautiful daughters.
Laila has managed 5 star salons and nail bars, working as business development manager for various projects within the Beauty and Wellbeing industry in the Middle East. At the same time Laila built up a small side business offering healing called Sparklefairy also selling Crystals and Healing Jewellery, which was well established in Dubai.

Laila was told at 21 by a very wise Irish lady that she was ‘gifted’ with her Crystal Knowledge, that she would never need a book to refer to, and that she will be the ‘Crystal Expert’. Although this should be enough, Laila still completed her VTCT Crystal Therapy to assure quality control and assurance to her clients. After this conversation Laila naturally embarked on her healing work internationally, whilst still running salons and spas. She had her own clientele whom she coached and used energy work along side to help them create equilibrium. Laila’s most common clients were those suffering with with anxiety and bereavement and wanting help with weight loss.

In Dubai, Laila did readings, healings, treatments, life coaching etc, and often had over 8 clients a day working 12 hour days, as well as working from her treatment rooms / clinics she visited hotels, homes even beds to treat clients with all kinds of ailments, she also had people even travel to have a session with her. 16 years on returning to the UK, she moved to a small town near Stone Henge, where she lived for just over a year, before realising she missed her northern roots. There is no denial Laila misses Glastonbury dearly where she would visit weekly when living in Somerset,

Glastonbury is known for its rich history of spiritual pilgrimage to the “heart chakra of the Earth.” Each year, thousands of people are drawn to the mystical “Isle of Avalon” from all over the globe. 

The legend of Glastonbury tells the story of Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail. After the Resurrection of Jesus, it’s said that Joseph took the Holy Grail from Jerusalem to Glastonbury and other legends say Mary Magdalene accompanied him, which is why there’s a deep devotion to the sacred feminine in this area, and of course the reason Laila calls Glastonbury her home from hom, so she still has her Glastonbury fix by visiting every few weeks when her and her partner commute to work. Whilst still a huge attachment to Glastonbury Laila knew that moving back to Rural Sheffield was her calling, Laila opened Laila 222.

Which is a small wellbeing centre offering therapies and a place you can browse and shop crystals. Laila owns a salon in Somerset with her partner and they often commute between businesses to oversee operations and treat her regular clients there. They have additional small businesses around the country.

Laila also delivers workshops , wellbeing classes, meditation classes, facilitates a Womens Circle whilst having face to face clients, Laila also offers lots of online help and zoom calls.

On a more personal level, Laila has suffered lots of Bereavement in her life, including her best friend, and her Mum just last June.
Many of the bereavements have been through addiction or alcohol abuse which is an area Laila also works in. Whilst Laila is not in any type of recovery, Laila does not drink , a choice she made 20 years ago.
Laila also follows a vegan lifestyle. Since her mum passing Laila also follows the Magdalene Path, Sacred Feminine, Female Archetypes and works daily with Mother Mary energies.

She adores Hare Krishna!
She enjoys the study of comparative religion. Kadampa Buddhism being significant. And hopes one day to become a Theologist.
Laila is a huge Russell Brand fan, and loves his philosophies and ideals. She is grateful she has met him many times and he receives her crystals regularly with appreciation and regular social media public thank you’s.
She also worked alongside the amazing Ian Lawman, Celebrity Psychic and Paranormal Investigator from TV’s Ghost Chasers. Working on various products for his own range. Laila also is friends with wonderful Lee & Linzi from Project Reveal.
Amongst others Bradley Hunt from X factor and socialite is also often spotted wearing Laila 222 products.
As this website goes Live Laila is currently embarking on Nidra Yoga training and Sound Therapy to add to her toolbox.
Lailas light shines through and anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her or working with her are often dazzled. Her qualifications combined with her wealth of knowledge and experience makes her the perfect guide to help you make changes to your life and move forward.

2024- Book coming soon


-Thomas F

Partner & Business Partner

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