So I often get asked what it takes to be on the Priestess Path, the Magdalene Path

Well, for me I don’t need external validation to call myself a Priestess, nor do I label myself a Priestess.

The formal trainings that are available and can be transformational but some of the values don’t always fit my box or align with me.

The cost of these Priestess Trainings are expensive and often unaffordable which is frustrating for those wanting to follow this path but simply can’t afford. With that said, the cost of training I am sure is justified as I can’t imagine myself personally the amount of work that is involved in a formal protocol of Priestess training. Paying for teachings can enhance your practice so to make clear  I am no way challenging the cost of these, I understand how much hard work is involved in any type of training / workshop. 

I used to think you had to “earn” priestess status and that a self initiation was not enough …However, we all can connect directly. At the end of the day, all of the work of Mary Magdalene is about living our life from the heart , if you are living and leading from your heart, you are in the energy of Mary Magdalene which is the Covenant of the Rose .

Our lives are full of various awakenings, shifts and self initiations. 

What makes a Priestess the label for me is wanting to create change, help others, offer kindness , work from the heart chakra , have ultimate compassion. This path is also the same path as a Buddha , a Catholic and so on, an alternative path to access the Source. How we pray , or how we meditate is simply us returning to love that is already within us. All within the heart, discreetly and quietly without the ego, asking for no reward, no exchange for doing the work, no external validation. The return to love is in fact the golden nugget or the treasure. It’s feminine and internal , a personal experience, happens quietly within. We dont respond to the ego. We respond differently. Inward.   

I began by having initiatory thoughts that alluded to ancient Christianity, sacred texts and I followed the clues from there. I got involved in the teachings , the Gnostic Bible, the hidden texts, the Gospel of Mary. I have a beautiful friend also on a similar journey whom we often discuss teachings and even comparative religions.  Reading and exploring Magdalene material has served to validate my experience but the true teachings, I believe, are also those we receive from life directly.

So you could call me a self-initiated priestess… I stepped into my power of service and dedicated myself to serving those in need. Priestesses can also have many sides and variables. 

For me, being a priestess is about embodying service of the present moment. How can I help this person right in front of me see the beauty in themselves and the beauty right under their nose. I adore my “sisters” and others on this path but no one has the authority to deem me and official priestess through initiation. Only I do that. 

I never really knew my path or what to call myself as I didn’t feel I truly fit any box… Not quite witch, not  Christian, mystic nor spiritualist. None of those feel quite right but even Priestess isn’t me 100% . For me it’s about simply operating from your heart constantly. 

There is heaps more to write on this but will leave it here for now …

This is just my view, appreciate it won’t resonate with everyone. Take what you would like from it.

I know right now it’s the right way for me.

So much love

Laila 222

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