Over the years I have discovered that in order to achieve , deal with emotions , get results and feel good we must have a Spiritual Practice. This doesn’t necessarily mean a religious one. It means having a connection of something “higher” more powerful than us and knowing that something bigger is at work. Ways to connect to this Higher power can be through various modalities like,
Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations, Yoga, Mindful walking , Law of attraction , Gratitude, Spells, even reading Spiritual texts.

What this does is creates Faith , Hope and raises your vibration , we all know one of the famous alchemies is the Higher your vibration the better your life will be !
Having a Spiritual Practice keeps our Vibrations at a frequency so that when we have a ” wobble ” all deal with something challanging we can tap in to this high vibration or energy  that we have stored and can be used naturally as an energetic surge to help us deal with any type of negativity that may come our way. The positive vibrations we keep flowing due to your constant  Spiritual Practice and is more powerful than the lower frequencies so outweighs those negative ones.

All the Ancient texts have hidden meanings of this secret , also one of the universal laws – these formulas have been created to help protect us and keep our vibrations higher. Like a Spiritual tool, this than can help us achieve a happy peaceful life. Combine Spiritual Practice with proactivity of additional tools like CBT, Talk Therapy and Thought Conditioners and you really will get maximum results.   
Unfortunately , Spiritual Practice is often sought after when things are not going to plan, when we are struggling and want change in a short space of time.
So even if your life is steady, you feel content and good things are happening we must maintain a Spiritual Practice. That way these vibrations and energy is always available when we need to tap into it.
Things are always easier to deal with when you have a constant repeat of Practice.

Everyone , even children can benefit from some sort of Spiritual Practice. It helps you feel connected , and gives you purpose and something to lean on.

It’s no secret that often those who join a Recovery Program like AA relapse if they don’t have a Spiritual Connection.
They follow all the AA steps, implement the AA steps but lack the connection to God, Source or Mother Earth and so on- case studies have shown; they relapse. This in itself says so much about the power of a Spiritual Connection through Practice.
For me personally, it makes me feel safe, relaxed and like a feeling of magic , even slight Euphoria when I tap into it. It makes me feel like even when having a bad day or struggling , I always have “that” ..
If you are struggling with where to start ? What to do? And what Spiritual Practice works for you, then join my Spiritual Practice  Membership  or Book in with me for Discovering Your Spiritual Practice Formula

So much Love

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