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✞ Protect – working with the light spray


~ this spray has a high vibration to dispel any negativity  and protect you in any negative environments. It bathes us protecting frequencies  , making us feel calm and sagfe and.. All these qualities making a magical mist spray the perfect item to carry with you in your bag!
This range of herbs and oils used in this mist  are the most articulate & powerful herbs and oils  I have made in the last 23 years.
All spray mists come in a handy 100ml bottle and can be kept close by and  in your bag.
I have been making alchemy blends for the last 23 years and the results from these are amazing.
The oils used are hand picked from Glastonbury , The Priestess capital of the world and made and harvested upon the Luna cycles. Also Chalice well holy water is used in each recipe.

Can also be used to cleanse crystals

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