Crystal Healing

My section under Spiritual Healing gives you a clear picture of Healing, the difference is in this healing session, I specifically use Crystals during the session.
Various crystals are placed on or around you, again, fully clothed this will induce deep relaxation, then release stress and pain, and promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies. I may apply crystals in grid forms, or applied over the energy vortexes called Chakras ..
How does the treatment work?
Crystals work on a science level with the laws of physics. Crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. When a crystal is put in a watch the battery sends a constant charge through the crystal. The crystal absorbs the charge, and then releases it at such a precise rate it is used to make the watch keep perfect time. Crystals affect our electro-magnetic energy fields or subtle bodies which surround and permeate the physical body. These include the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, which are collectively called the aura.
Crystals absorb, focus, direct and diffuse our energy fields to enable a diseased or out of balance body to find it’s natural energetic rhythm once again. The appropriate crystals can be placed on the seven main chakras, which look like different coloured spinning wheels of subtle energy, running up the centre of the torso. These link the subtle energy fields of our aura with our emotions, glands, organs, physical body parts and subtle and physical circulatory flows. This is why wearing certain crystals for example yellow citrine may uplift you, rose quartz may help to ease heartache, and amethyst may calm a busy mind and help you to sleep.
Crystals can also help with instant pain like headache, if I know during your session that you may arrive with a headache then I can also work on instant relief during the session.

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