Coaching / Talk therapy

Using a combination of techniques and modalities we are able to establish any underlining barriers, past trauma, pain, emotional pain and challenges which stop us from moving forward, we then remove these ‘negatives’ to move forward in whichever area of your life. My way of working is these are in the past and no longer serve us, we avoid over analysing the whys and what-ifs as this isn’t conjunctive to your happiness. Often we touch on a Spiritual Practice also, by no means religious. Just techniques to connect us to our innerself and listen to those soul whispers. We are inherently good, we just get jaded and often trapped into old cycles and negative thought conditions. Sometimes we can also feel ‘stuck’ or not sure what our calling is. Working together along with simple CBT aswell, you will soon start to feel better. I may also suggest some Healing to run along side the session.

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