Aphrodite Mist

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✞ Aphrodite

An addition oil to my Magdalene
empowering self esteem priestess oil.

~ this oil has a high vibration to attract that man ( or woman ) or bring the sparkle back to existing relationships . It bathes us in lustful and attractive energies, in increases libido , making us feel irresistible , loved  feminine and powerful. It heightens the mood and boosts self esteem instantly. All these qualities making a magical oil to win over that man ( or woman ) or rekindle the spark in your relationship.
This range of oils are the most articulate & powerful oils  I have made in the last 23 years.
All oils are in roller format so can be discreetly applied and kept in your bag.
I have been making alchemy blends for the last 23 years and the results from these are amazing.
The oils used are hand picked from Glastonbury , The Priestess capital of the world and made and harvested upon the Luna cycles. Also Chalice well holy water is used in each recipe

*please note the type of bottle may vary

this is 100ml








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