The Magdalene Path – Claire Sierra

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The Magdalene Path by Claire Sierra


Recent discoveries of ancient manuscripts have shined a light on Mary Magdalene as a powerful teacher and luminous feminine spirit. In The Magdalene Path, Claire Sierra shares her inspiring communication with Mary Magdalene about the awakening of the Divine Feminine as a means to shift and up-level our lives as women in the modern world. The Magdalene Path is a guidebook of compelling ideas, skills and practices to bring your Feminine Soul into daily life. Regardless of your spiritual orientation or previous connection to Mary Magdalene, you will bask in the inspiring wisdom and practical insights in this empowering, illuminating book. Revitalize your mind and body to tap into more energy for what you love. Ignite your connection to Spirit through simple rituals and Soul-care practices. Embrace your authentic, radiant beauty as you reclaim your innate feminine power. Replenish your passions and feel empowered to live your purpose. Embody your creativity and live as the vibrant woman you truly are.

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