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???????? Pink amethyst is a “Master Healing Crystal”. It heals the mind and assists the heart to take positive paths in one’s life journey. Healing properties of the Pink lavender amethyst include:
* Protection from negative energy
* Natural Crown Chakra Balancing and Strengthening
* Breaking negative patterns caused by the karmic cycle
* Promotion of self-love
* Induce calmness from betrayal through Heart Chakra Healing
* Clarity of mind and thoughts arising from a strengthened Crown Chakra
* Overall Chakra Healing and Balancing
Pink amethyst offers strong protection against the negative energies of the environment and the bad karma from the past. It aids in healing the heart from emotional wounds through heart chakra strengthening.
In addition: Same as purple amethyst Reduces stress and tension, sits lovely next to the bed and looking pretty. Place under pillow to help with sleeping issues like insomnia, also helps with headaches

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