Moldavite pendant

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Genuine moldavite, been selling this over 25 years , check my website for reviews.

  • This piece is cleansed & ready to work with
  • Start with being sat down , feet firmly on the ground, rest eyes hold the Moldavite for 10 mins
  • After holding it, it’s advised to ground either by cleansing your aura with Sage or Selenite, holding black obsidian and always have a drink of water
  • You may have a hot flush, feel tingly , feel strange see images
  • Journal any experiences
  • Also journal end of the day about your day in general.

Everyone’s experience of Moldavite is different. Some say they don’t connect at all. Some say it’s instant transformational some say it removes negative that no longer serves you, all this varies from person to person. Plus some people are working with Moldavite who haven’t worked with crystals before , so again imagine their experiences will also be different.

  • Main thing is to relax and enjoy the connection ????

You will find lots of interesting articles on my website

I also have an article in my blog on how to spot fake moldavite. Top tip when purchasing moldavite is research your *seller ( Dont get bogged down with whether it’s fake or not just do background checks on the seller ) on silver dipped chain








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